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Teens / Adults Program

Earning a Black Belt isn't just about what you learn ….Its about what you become.

The majority of our adult students started with no previous martial arts experience. They came to our school for a variety of reasons ranging from exercise and stress relief to learning self defense or gaining self confidence.

Tae Kwon Do makes an excellent workout, with each class including a thorough stretching routine, bursts of cardio intense drills, plus body weight and core focused strength exercises.

For over twenty five years we have helped thousands of men and woman to achieve their personal goals in an atmosphere that is welcoming and motivating.

2 Weeks Trial - Just $39

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1536 E Algonquin Rd, Algonquin, IL 60102

Tel 847-658-0099


Business Hours 

Monday 3pm - 7:30pm

Tuesday 3pm - 7:30pm

Wednesday 3pm - 7:30pm

Thursday 3pm - 7:30pm

Friday 3pm - 7:30pm

Saturday Closed

Sunday Closed

Teens & Adults: Peace of Mind and Gain a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Tiger Koo’s Martial Arts offers Teens & Adults a comprehensive fitness program with the added benefits of self-defense skills and overall self-improvements


Teen/Adult Students Love:


  • Increase strength and energy

  • Learn practical self-defense and awareness for greater personal security

  • Easy to lose weight

  • Improve flexibility

  • Releases stress and tension

  • Build self-confidence

  • Build inner strength and peace

  • Stay healthy and lead a happier life

  • Positive relationships with enthusiastic & motivated individuals

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