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What Is Hap Ki Do?

What is Hap Ki Do ?

Hap: United, Together, Concentration

Ki: Power, Strength

Do: Way, Achieve


As in any Martial Arts, Hap ki do has its own distinguished characteristics. It is not so difficult as it may appear, once the fundamental techniques have been mastered, it is quite easy to learn and perform the many variations. The fundamental techniques of Hap ki do are classified as follows:


1. Empty hands against empty hands

2. Empty hands against weapons

3. Weapon against weapon


Each category is divided into offensive and defensive and techniques and each of these have joint locking and striking techniques.


  • Within the joint locking techniques: twisting, throwing included.

  • Within the striking techniques: kicking, punching, hitting, stabbing are included.


Hap ki do is especially powerful because when attacked you attack the weakest part of the opponents body with a stronger means, namely attacking the arteries, veins, nerve organs and weak areas thereby altering the opponent to your advantage. At the moment of attack, through special breathing technique called Dan Jon Ho Hop, total concentration of body to a certain point.


Concentration of your body to a certain produces super human power when striking the target. This combined it proper timing can be fatal to your adversary. Beside fundamental techniques, attacking weak points and power concentration through Dan Jon, one outstanding feature of Hapkido is the usage of the opponents power to your advantage. Alter their power of enhance your ability by means of leading their attack in a circuit pattern and uniting your power can neutralize the opponents attack on you, gain swift control over them.


Benefits of Hap Ki Do?


A healthy mind with a healthy body is necessary for a healthy life.


If there is no health or good mental attitude, the glory of power is meaningless. Hap ki do helps develop the corporal body by causing physical and mental balance. The balance furthermore, the training provides more stability in family life and social life through the Dan Jon breathe, controls the heart and the lungs are being developed and inner strength in more readily available to you. Safe joint twisting techniques stimulate the nerves and overall metabolism and balances blood pressure and organs. The coverage extends from the head to toes and includes better skin tone. Exercising thusly delays the inflexibility of old age.

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